CSWWC 2022: 4 Ori 24 Argenti per gli spumanti Milazzo

Anche nel 2022 Milazzo – Terre della Baronia è la seconda cantina più premiata in Italia con 4 medaglie d’oro e 24 d’argento dopo Ferrari, dominatrice del concorso con 11 oro e 3 Argento.

Tom Stevenson, Founder and Chairman del CSWWC, ha commentato: “This has been another great year for results, once again demonstrating how exciting the sparkling wine industry is. It is not only our mission to promote world class wines, but also to discover and reward new and exciting wines from established and emerging regions across the world. Finding exciting quality from unexpected places around the world is one of the reasons why the CSWWC exists, whether that quality is from emerging sparkling wine countries like Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria or Romania or unexpected parts of classic sparkling wine countries, such as Italy, where Sicily continues to baffle us with extraordinary performance. Another is keeping track of all the established greats, seeing if they continue to come through the totally blind process with Golds, Best in Class and then on to Trophies.”

Champagne Sparkling Wine World Championship 2022 – Medal Announcement

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