The work in the cellar follows that carried out in the vineyard. Here too, each vineyard is managed and vinified individually, with the aim of highlighting the specific character of each cru. Each grape variety matures separately before being selected for blending. This is the phase in which the long work of winemaking comes to an end, a journey made of patience and technique that often lasts many years. This is the moment in which the best grape characteristics and the Milazzo mark pair successfully.


The cellars are mostly located underground and designed with the lowest possible environmental impact. The construction techniques adopted are also designed to limit energy consumption and emissions resulting from air conditioning. Suitable materials were also used to ensure maximum hygiene of the products.

The pressing stage takes place by using pneumatic presses at very low operating pressures to avoid damaging the grapes.

Wine maturation in stainless steel tanks takes place entirely “sur lies”, periodically placing the lees in suspension with bâtonnage cycles, in order to best allow the transfer of yeast aromatic components into the wine.

We manage approximately 154 tanks of different sizes, all insulated at a controlled temperature, with a sensor system that detects even the slightest variations in temperature

The barrel room is located entirely in the area below our cellars and houses around 400 barriques and ten large barrels intended for the maturation of both white and red wines, as well as some base wines for Metodo Classico sparkling wines. Here the barrels are filled and checked periodically. Maturation in wooden barrels plays a primary role in promoting the best refinement of our wines.

The choice of essences is fundamental. Our barrels are made strictly in the best “tonnelleries” and only with oak wood.

The niches created in the underground tunnels host and preserve the Metodo Classico bottles, left here to refine for up to 7 years.

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