Our story begins at the end of the 70s with an ambitious and absolutely innovative project: making Metodo Classico sparkling wines in Campobello di Licata in southern Sicily.

Since then, we have worked hard, with commitment, often choosing unconventional solutions but always driven by the belief that this land could give life to wines of the highest quality.

There are two grape varieties that characterise our Metodo Classico sparkling wines.

Chardonnay, which in our territory combines the typical elegance of floral hints with notes of Mediterranean aromatic herbs, thus resulting in a relevant flavour texture and well-balanced with savoury notes due to soils rich in natural elements.

Inzolia, an ancient Sicilian grape variety which gives the wineries sparkling wines complex aromas distinguished by particular spices, the latter well-blended with balsamic notes.


We have always pursued a single objective in giving life to our white wines: making wines with an unmistakable character in such a way as to highlight both freshness and pleasantness and the refined and innovative style, thus enhancing the soul of the territory but without neglecting the product elegance.

A terroir, that of Terre della Baronia, characterised by different types of soil, from the white marly calcareous one to the dark clayey ones containing organic substance.

The deep knowledge of the area and of native and international grape varieties (such as Chardonnay, Inzolia, Catarratto, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier) has led the winery to develop a new wine concept strictly bonded to the territory.

soil and climate distinguish a product in such a marked way as to make it an expression of the territory and not just of the vineyard. Furthermore, an accurate wine project has led to the definition of a new concept of aroma persistence.


Milazzo rosé wines fully reflect a stylistic path through which its different expressions are turned into the winery’s different products.

The challenge over the years has been to enhance the expression of Inzolia Nera, an ancient Sicilian grape variety locally known as Inzolia Rossa or Rosa, represented by a small number of plants but which in 2018 was officially registered in the National Register of Grape Varieties.

We began growing this variety on our experimental fields over 30 years ago, giving today’s Milazzo Rosés that particular character.

A work of continuous innovation that has allowed us to differentiate the expressiveness of our rosés thanks to the contribution of other red grape varieties, also managing to bring out the delicate and gentle soul of austere varieties such as Nero d’Avola, then offering it through elegant products characterised by the complexity typical of great wines.

From sparkling to still wines, we try to bring out from each wine an aromatic and visual profile that best matches the pre-established wine objective; this has led to a more limited floral-fruity profile in sparkling wines, characterised by complex spice notes, with pale and stable colours over time, up to more fruity nuances in which stands out a particular aromatic bouquet in both sparkling and still wines. These wines are the result of wise management and care of the plots in which the grapes are grown, of the times and temperatures of grape maceration aimed at enhancing the personality characterising the vintage.


Inspired by the great wineries that have undertaken unusual paths to make wines that have made history, we have chosen to characterise ourselves by placing on the market unmistakable wines with great, unexpected character.

The project was carried out with technique, intuition and tenacity in order to produce great Sicilian reds capable of narrating, both on the nose and on the palate, the soul of this land, mainly through Nero d’Avola, the Sicilian grape par excellence, and at the same time rediscovering and valorising historical grape varieties such as Perricone and Nerello Cappuccio.

Innovation, intellectual curiosity and a pinch of creative madness are the cornerstones that have always guided our choices. Milazzo red wines reflect the special blend between vineyard and land.

Projects in which vineyard means not only native grapes, but also the recovery of ancient biotypes which, after years of experiments and specific selections, are planted in unique parcels of land.

Calcareous marl, particular microclimates, daily gestures, patience and extreme care of the plants create that special synergy that gives life to elegant, smooth and long-lasting red wines.


In giving life to our white wines we have always followed a single objective: to create wines with an unmistakable imprint, where both the aspects of freshness and immediacy and the most refined and evolved style emerge, enhancing the typical nature of the territory without ever losing sight the paradigm of expressive elegance.
A terroir, the Terre della Baronia, characterized by a particular concentration of morphologically varied soils, from white marly limestone to dark clays integrated with organic substance. And it is precisely the in-depth knowledge of the territory and of the native and non-native varieties (Chardonnay, Inzolia, Catarratto, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier), which led the company to develop a new concept of territoriality of wine: soil and climate characterize a product in such a profound way as to make it an expression of the territory and not just of the vine. Careful oenological work then led to the definition of a new concept of aromatic longevity.

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