The most interesting aspect of our way of “making wine” is represented by tireless work in the vineyard. The natural evolution of our vineyards is the result of a project that we have been carrying out for over fifty years supported by constant search for the right balance between clones and biotypes, and the choice of plots depending on the characteristics of the microclimate that characterises each district of the winery.

Our production philosophy is aimed at making elegant wines with an excellent shelf life. A journey which, thanks to the knowledge gained on the characteristics of our terroir, has led us to develop a new concept of wine growing area, where soil, climate and people characterise a product in such a profound way as to make it an expression of the territory and not only of the vineyard.

Agricultural research and innovation

Research and innovation have always been an integral part of our work, two activities carried out with the aim of perfecting grape cultivation and winemaking; indispensable conditions for making white, red and sparkling wines, the latter in particular made according to the renowned Metodo Classico process.

Over the years we have allocated four plots for experimentation, a laboratory where, in collaboration with researchers, universities and institutes of national and international importance, we have created a program to add value to clones chosen among the cultivars grown on the farm, in order to select healthy plants and particularly suitable for improving the quality of the wines we produce. We grow and study many international vines to better understand their behaviour in relation to our specific ampelographic context, as well as participating in research projects aimed at the rediscovery and reintroduction of rare and ancient Sicilian vines. The same approach has been carried out for years also in the study of vine training methods, in order to identify the best techniques that allow the objectives of wine quality and typicality to be combined with the particular aspects of a typically Mediterranean climate, the latter characterised by the sudden high hill temperature excursions.

Farming techniques

The use of agricultural machinery is limited to tractors for tilling the soil between the rows, while the weeds are uprooted with the hoe. Fertilisation is carried out through the use of 100% natural and certified organic products.

Plant density

Different planting densities play a fundamental role in the winery’s oenological objectives. We move from those with low densities and ideal for training systems such as tendone, used for the cultivation of grapes intended for the production of Metodo Classico sparkling wines, to the denser ones such as alberello, reaching up to densities of over 6,000 plants per hectare as in the case of systems such as guyot and single cordon.

The grapes collected in the individual boxes are immediately moved to the cellar and then stored in special cool stores at a controlled temperature, in order to protect the aroma of our bunches as much as possible.

Pruning by hand

Pruning is carried out exclusively by hand and with great care, particularly in winter and spring, moments which represent very delicate stages for the vineyard.

We select the shoots in order to develop the right number of bunches on each plant and be sure of harvesting high quality grapes.

This is followed by green pruning, carried out in order to obtain the right balance between leaves and bunches by reducing the production load by thinning the bunches at the beginning of veraison.

Harvesting by hand

 Our harvest is carried out in all 97 hectares of vineyards exclusively by hand with the sole use of scissors and placed in crates of approximately 14 kg which are carefully washed after every use.

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