Terre della Baronia is the name of the ancient barony of Ravanusa which included today’s municipalities of Campobello di Licata and Ravanusa. Milazzo – Terre della Baronia’s vineyards extend over part of those lands.

Today the vineyards extend over an area of 97 hectares out of the 149 owned by the winery, on a hilly area at an altitude of around 400 metres, 20 km away from the sea and all located within a radius of just over 5 square kilometres around the wine cellar.

Here the hilly climate features and the soil texture combine with the beneficial influences of a typical Mediterranean climate characterised dry summers and mild winters; a constant and light breeze that favours the day-night temperature excursion and good aeration of the vine.


Each of our wines is unique. The estate extends over six districts, within a terroir characterised by a particular variety of soils with different textures, from dark clays integrated with organic substance to white limestone ones; the first ones having constant and homogeneous fertility while the others capable of guaranteeing rich and complex aromatic profiles. Lands partly of marine, alluvial and volcanic origin, marked by the thousand-year history of these places, which give life to a mosaic of environments distinguished by morphological and pedoclimate features, where the different grape varieties grown can give their best.

This is the reason why we have systematically classified every single vineyard plot. To date, we have identified 50 crus, in order to be able to pair each vine with its terroir of choice, in a frame of sensations that unavoidably blends a specific grape variety with a specific soil and microclimate.

These are Terre della Baronia.




AREA: about 30 hectares PLOTS: seven, entirely dedicated to the cultivation of white and red grapes SOILS: located on a high plain with a high percentage of clay and rich in limestone and gravel ASPECT: North-East/South TRAINING SYSTEM: Tendone – Single cordon and Guyot AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: 20 to 50 years ABOUT THE DISTRICT: the oldest of the winery, in the center of which is the cellar. The vineyards extend along a slight slope. The highest part, the one surrounding the cellar, hosts the oldest and most precious crus of the Chardonnay clonal selections, grown with the use of Pergola, Guyot and single cordon training systems. Vines selected and planted year after year to give life to wines such as Federico II Metodo Classico and Selezione di Famiglia. On the right side, entering the estate, there is a small and precious cru. A special environment characterised by a predominantly calcareous soil on which Nero d’Avola vines over thirty years old with great varietal expressiveness are grown to give life to Maria Costanza Riserva Rosso.
Characterised by a total area of 40 hectares, it is located approximately 3 kilometres north-west from the cellar. The district includes the vineyards called: Giuseppina Munti Sillitti Garcitella Arena Vecchio ABOUT THE DISTRICT: it extends along a large valley between two hilly slopes facing each other, the first (Giuseppina vineyard) with a predominantly East and West orientation, the second (Arena Vecchio vineyard) which mainly faces East. The vineyards that have been planted in these areas over the years, starting from the end of the nineties, highlight the key points of our daily commitment in pursuing quality viticulture based on the principles of organic and sustainable agriculture. The crus belonging to the Fondirò district are distributed within a particular geological environment characterised by different soils: from the white calcareous one with a lunar-like appearance, to the clayey limestone one with gravel, from the clayey loam soil, to the black mineral one. Soil texture that changes meter after meter and which pushed us to introduce a systematic study to identify the specific characteristics of each parcel in order to select the most suitable varieties and clones to be planted. A work continued over the years thanks to the good results given by the varieties grown in the three, soon to be four, experimental fields within Fondirò. These forty hectares host a large part of Milazzo’s ampelographic heritage. Fondirò is not just this, in fact this district also represents the starting point and the place where we have completed studies and implemented new techniques to support increasingly sustainable viticulture and capable of dealing with the critical issues caused by climate change. Also here, from 2011 we started using innovative irrigation systems. A sub-irrigation system covering all forty hectares, equipped with channels that convey water directly to the roots of the plants at a depth of 50/70 cm, all possible thanks to two artificial lakes for collecting rainwater. Harvest after harvest, this extraordinary place gives life to a rich variety of cuvées that will be turned into increasingly complex and distinctive Metodo Classico sparkling wines, also contributing to making our white, red and rosé wines so special. Giuseppina AREA: about 8 hectares PLOTS: four SOILS: mainly calcareous clayey ASPECT: East and West TRAINING SYSTEM: single cordon and Guyot AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: 15 to over 20 years ABOUT THE VINEYARD: located on a steep hill; on the east-facing side, pink Inzolia grapes are grown for the production of our rosés, while on the west-facing side there are Nero d’Avola and Perricone vineyards. Munti AREA: about 22 hectares PLOTS: fourteen SOILS: clayey blacks, strongly mineral ASPECT: northwest TRAINING SYSTEM: single cordon and Guyot AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: over 15 years ABOUT THE VINEYARD: this plot extends along the central part of the Fondirò district, the valley floor. Both white and red grape varieties are grown here. Sillitti AREA: about 6 hectares PLOTS:three SOILS: deep organic clay ASPECT: mainly facing east TRAINING SYSTEM: Guyot AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: over 10 years ABOUT THE VINEYARD: located on the left hillside of the Fondirò district. Nerello Cappuccio and Chardonnay grapes are grown here. Garcitella AREA: about 7 hectares PLOTS: four SOILS: gray silty loam ASPECT: mainly facing southwest TRAINING SYSTEM: Guyot AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: over 15 years ABOUT THE VINEYARD: located on the right hillside of the Fondirò district. Soils cultivated with white grape varieties. Arena Vecchio AREA: about 8 hectares PLOTS: six SOILS: in the hilly part there is a spur of limestone rock, a very steep knoll surrounded by grey silty loam soils in the floor valley. ASPECT: mainly facing east TRAINING SYSTEM: single cordon, Guyot and Alberello AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: 5 years ABOUT THE VINEYARD: positioned along the central ridge of the Fondirò district, it hosts some of the most interesting soils in the entire district. Both white and red grapes are grown here, destined for future crus and the winery’s most ambitious wine projects.
AREA: about 20 hectares, of which 15 are vineyards while the other approximately 5 hectares are home to Biancolilla and Nocellara olive trees, both cultivars with an average age of forty years PLOTS: six plots, two of which with a newly planted vineyard SOILS: white calcareous, clayey loam, black mineral ASPECT: Northeast and South TRAINING SYSTEM: Guyot AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: over 5 years ABOUT THE DISTRICT: located on the South-East side about 2km north-east from Milici and about 3km from Fondirò, it is characterised by the same soil texture as the area crossed by state road 123. In fact, even these recently acquired plots show very different soils: from the white calcareous one with a lunar-like appearance, to the clayey limestone one with gravel, from the clayey loam soil, to the black mineral one. Here the vineyards extend over a semicircular surface whose highest side mainly faces North-East, while it slopes down to the valley floor on the South side. In this district, red grape and white grapes intended for our base wines are grown. Arena Nuovo also boasts a sub-irrigation system powered by the artesian well located in the centre of the district. .
AREA: about 3 hectares PLOTS: one SOILS: strongly calcareous marly on a slight slope ASPECT: South TRAINING SYSTEM: single cordon AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: over 30 years ABOUT THE DISTRICT: located approximately 5 kilometres south of the winery. A precious vineyard, where special selections of Nero d’Avola grapes are grown to give life to the most prestigious red wine in the Milazzo collection: Duca di Montalbo.
AREA: about 4 hectares PLOTS: one SOILS: white and strongly calcareous marly; grey silty loam ASPECT: South TRAINING SYSTEM: Guyot AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: 30 years ABOUT THE DISTRICT: a small area about 3 kilometres south of the cellar towards the sea, with plants with an average age of over thirty years. Part of the Inzolia grapes intended to be turned into Maria Costanza are grown here.
AREA: 4 hectares PLOTS: one AVERAGE AGE OF OLIVE TREES: over 100 years ABOUT THE DISTRICT: an olive grove that extends over approximately 4 hectares located 5 km south from the cellar. Olive trees with an average age of over 100 years characterised by the prevalence of the Biancolilla cultivar combined with the Nocellara one.

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